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Round Adapter 99E-W


Round Adapter for 99E-W Post Driver

To make our fence post drivers versatile, we offer adapters for different shaped posts. If you don't see the shape of your post, we can build a custom shape adapter to fit a driver as long as it doesn't exceed the maximum outside diameter of your driver's capability. For a Round Adapter, we need to know the outside diameter of your post to build your round adapter. To get this size, measure the outside dimension of your post, edge to edge, in inches. Each driver comes standard with a sleeve that drives the maximum round, you can purchase an adapter to drive the post size you need. Maximum Round is 3-1/2" outside diameter, fits a 3-1/2" post. 99E-W Driver will drive a post that will fit in a 3-1/2" circle.

* Please specify outside diameter (OD) of pipe you're driving in the measurement box below.

* If you need a custom adapter to accomodate a specific post, please email or fax a tracing of the end of the post including exact dimension for all angles. Ideally, if you could supply us a 3" piece of the post this would assure a custom fit.

Round Adapter 99E-W
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