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Considering an air-powered post driver for your fencing needs? What to know before you buy.

Posted by Rohrer Manufacturing on 2nd Aug 2017

When it comes to building a fence, doing it with a manual post driver, is only a good idea if you’ve got a direct line to a chiropractor and physical therapist. What’s more, the back-breaking method of pounding a sledgehammer to drive posts is painstakingly slow. You’ve likely got better things to do with your time, energy and money, especially if you’re currently hiring out the service. The good news is there’s a more efficient method to driving fence posts that will save your back and won’t break the bank.

pounding sticks

An air-powered fence post driver is one of the smartest investments you can make for your property. It saves on labor costs, potential medical bills and perhaps most importantly, time. It’s like adding a hired hand to your operation minus the hassle of managing an employee.

Read 5 reasons why a multidirectional post driver has the best return on investment of any fencing tool on the market today.

1. Save time and labor
An air-powered post driver is a lightweight, portable fence post driver ideal for use on ranches, vineyards, signs and highways, and other marker installations. It’s an affordable alternative to more expensive hydraulic drivers and allows you to complete projects in a fraction of the time it takes to use manual drivers. And, no need to hire a fencing company to handle the job when you can easily do-it-yourself.

2. Versatility
Traditional hydraulic post drivers are bulky and heavy, making them difficult for use in tights spots. By contrast, an air-powered model is lightweight and highly portable, ideal for easy transport and use in remote or hard-to-reach places. Our basic t-post driver delivers 80-85 strokes per minutes without risk of bending, and works in any situation that a hand driver would.

3. Ease of use
A multi-directional fence post driver runs off any small air compressor and can easily be operated by a single person. No additional labors expenses, and no sore back, shoulders or arms.

4. Good value
Costing as much as $7,000, large hydraulic drivers are a considerable investment. With an air-powered driver, you can increase productivity and reduce labor costs for a fraction of the cost. Our Basic T-Post Driver starts at just $450.

5. Low maintenance
Maintaining a multidirectional post driver is simple: Keep it well-lubed and maintain the proper PSI recommended for the tool size for years and years of hassle-free use.

With the right tool, what was once a backbreaking and time-consuming task is now a job so simple even a grandma could do it. Because when it comes to driving fence posts, there’s no need to break your back, pounding posts the hard way.

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