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Four Reasons to Buy American-Made Products This Holiday Season

Posted by Man Saver Post Driver on 12th Dec 2017

Did you know that if every American committed to spending just $64 on American-made purchases, the result would be the addition of 200,000 jobs? Buying products made in the USA has even more benefits than just job creation. You’re not only supporting your local economy, but you can rest assured knowing your purchase is built to the highest environmental and worker standards.

And if you’re like 95 percent of American voters, you already have a positive view of American-made products.

Here at Rohrer Manufacturing, our complete line of fence installation building supplies and accessories are designed, built and tested right here in the United States. Since 1997, we’ve been headquartered in the small, western town of Prineville, Oregon, and are committed to manufacturing products that are the most durable and affordable available anywhere. We’ve discovered methods to keep our processes and costs lean while manufacturing nearly every part in our Prineville shop. Our story began in the mid-1990s when a fence-builder friend of the late Dan Rohrer was complaining about his back and wishing for a "wonder tool." In less than a month, Rohrer had built and sold the first Man Saver Post Driver™. Since then, the Rohrer family has developed a series of drivers along with various adapters that allow users to drive almost any shaped fence post on the market up to 3.5-inch diameter.

Here are 4 more reasons why Rohrer Manufacturing Man Saver Post Drivers™ are American made:

1. We are proud to be Americans. And because of this pride, we’re committed to keeping our dollars and our business located on U.S. soil.

2. We are committed to job creation in our community. Buying American-made goods not only supports the workers who make those goods, its benefits create a ripple effect throughout the entire economy.

3. Our manufacturing processes are cleaner for the environment. Many other countries that make products imported into the U.S. use dangerous, heavily-polluting processes. When you purchase American-made products, like the Man Saver, you know that you're helping to keep the world a little cleaner for your children.

4. Having the highest safety standards. Our customers can have confidence knowing that our tools adhere to high safety and manufacturing standards. Alternatively, quality standards for goods made outside the country are often times much lower.

As you consider your purchases this holiday and throughout the new year, we encourage you to vote with your wallet by supporting American-made products. For more information on our quality standards, visit

Merry Christmas from all of us at Rohrer Manufacturing!

Man Saver by Rohrer Manufacturing

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