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Win A Man Saver Post Driver™

21st Jan 2016

From sunrise to sunset, their days are long and purposeful. Each one ends with fingernails that are just as dirty as their boots. They are stewards of the land they have been entrusted with and …

The Best Gift for Your Hard-Working Man

21st Jan 2016

He wakes up before the sun even has a chance to peek over the horizon. Every morning he fills a giant tumbler with coffee on his way out the door. He gives each day everything he’s got, and when the s …

Jamaica’s Coral Reef Crisis an Opportunity to Rebuild

21st Jan 2016

Installing Artificial Reefs With The Man Saver Post Driver In Jamaica, subsistence fishing has been a way of life for centuries. The oceans once yielded generously to those dependent on its riches, p …

Ranching Listed in Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

21st Jan 2016

Ranching Listed in Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America Photo Credit: Caroline, Flickr We recently came across an article listing ranching among the “ 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America.” It’s true …

Post Driver Maintenance

21st Jan 2016

How to keep your post driver working properly Are you the proud new owner of a Man Saver Post Driver™? We’re glad you’re here and have a great product demo video on how to setup your Man Sa …