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What the Man Saver IS NOT

21st Jan 2016

Learn about Man Saver Post Driver capabilities We want to make something clear. Here at Rohrer Manufacturing, we work hard to ensure you can work smarter and get the job done without having to put yo …

Is the Man Saver any good? Ask your neighbor.

21st Jan 2016

People give great reviews on Man Saver Post Drivers If you needed a piece of advice, or to borrow a tool, the old way of doing business was to lean over the fence and ask your neighbor for it. Tim …

Why Fencing is the New Liability Insurance

21st Jan 2016

Quality fencing is essential. Use the Man Saver Post Driver Spring is fence-fixing time and for getting your herd in shape to graze in summer pastures. How are things going at your operation? How’s t …

The Man Saver: An Air-Powered Dream Come True for Vineyards

21st Jan 2016

Install vineyards using Man Saver Post Driver Wine is one of the fastest-growing agricultural industries in the country. Did you know: Consumption of wine has surged from 568 million gallons …

Why America Needs More Farmers and Ranchers

21st Jan 2016

Farmers and Ranchers use the pneumatic post driver In 1900, 38% of the United States’ workers were employed in agriculture. Today, there are less than 2%. In fact, the headcount has dipped so low …