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The Man Saver Makes Good Fence Sense

21st Jan 2016

Post Driver is so easy to operate it makes good sense Everyone knows that spring is for improvement projects, and it’s no different at the ranch. There’s always work to be done, but especially in …

Ranch Life: Make your Coffee Outdoors!

21st Jan 2016

Man Saver Post Driver relates to the ranching life Coffee’s been a staple of ranch life for as long as the cowboys of the Old West have been riding. That’s why at Rohrer Manufacturing we love providi …

All in the Family: How Rohrer Supports Small Businesses

21st Jan 2016

Man Saver Post Driver is a family owned business Rohrer’s been hard at work for 16 years to make your job a little easier. Our product is a favorite among farmers and ranchers across America who’ve …

Out-Pounding the Striker, One Fence Line at a Time!

21st Jan 2016

Man Saver Post Driver is the best Post Driver on the Market Here at Rohrer Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on talking less and delivering more. Anyone who runs a ranch knows how it’s not about …

The Man Saver’s got your back!

21st Jan 2016

Save your back, time, and money use the Man Saver Post Driver Let’s face it, most ranchers are like stubborn old mules when it comes to trying new ways of doing things. “If it ain’t broke, don’t …