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A Less-is-More Approach to Fencing: Saving Your Bacon in the Summer Sun

Posted by Man Saver Post Driver on 20th Aug 2019

Today, everyone is big on conservation, especially in the Pacific Northwest, and Rohrer Manufacturing is happy to do its part, especially in the deep heat of August. Author and environmentalist Aldo Leopold once said, “Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.” But we’d also add it’s a state of harmony between muscle pain and ibuprofen…because if you’re ready to conserve energy, injury, time, and money, our  Man Saver Post Driver™ is the tool for you.

In the midst of the August sun, the soil (and everything else around it) seems harder. Instead of brutalizing your backs during fencing installations and repairs, we invite you to incorporate The Man Saver into your (dog)days of summer, and conserve every good thing you can.

For your edification, here is The Rohrer Guide to Conservation (In Five Easy Steps):

  1. Save Energy: Our drivers are sized right for whatever job awaits. We’ve designed them to use compressed air to do the heavy lifting, with plenty of custom-shaped adapters and accessories to work with whatever kind of post you’re installing. And if you change your mind, our T-post pullers make easy work of relocation. It’s the old “right tools for the job” adage that will help you finish your work early and free you up for other projects.
  2. Avoid Injury: Our late founder, Dan Rohrer, was one of the first to see that fence-makers needed to give their backs a break. What with necessity being the mother of invention, he designed and patented his pneumatic air-powered drivers to simplify the exhausting job of hand-driving fence posts. Give us a try and you’ll soon see: The Man Saver is the safer alternative to bulky, expensive hydraulic or back-breaking manual fence post drivers.
  3. Speed Results: Our innovative post driver places metal t-posts accurately and quickly no matter the locale—ranch to vineyard, and signage to highway markers. Consider the following from our new friend, Jarad Huxoll, just this August:
    I have to admit I was very skeptical about something I couldn’t physically inspect…I am very impressed with the quality of the Man Saver. Drove 20 8-ft t-posts into rocky North Dakota clay within an hour and my shoulders didn't hurt afterward. Not too bad with a broken hand and my 11-year-old son helping to balance the post until they got started. Thanks for the amazing product and fast shipping. Will recommend to anyone who needs to build a fence around here. - Jarad Huxoll, North Dakota
  4. Minimize Expense: We’ve manufactured the Man Saver Post Driver since 1997, and are proud it’s the most durable yet affordable option on the market. We’ve found ways to keep our manufacturing processes and costs lean while making every part but one in our Prineville, Oregon, shop…not to mention the many reviews we receive saying it’s the best money folks have spent in a long while. Do it right the first time with Rohrer.
  5. Kick Back: After doing your part toward our collective conservation efforts, we invite you to take a seat, maybe with a lemonade in the shade somewhere. After all, don’t you deserve a few well-earned moments to enjoy the fading days of summer before the cooler weather sets in?

We at Rohrer wish you a productive—yet relaxing—August: Conserve where you can, friends!