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Getting Bullish on Finessing Fencing

Posted by Man Saver Post Driver on 22nd Jan 2019

When the 78th year of the Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Sale kicks off this January 22, attendees will meet and bid on some of the finest breeding stock and see whether last year's records (when two stock dogs fetched a cool $30,000 each!) can be broken. The show—touted as the largest of its kind west of the Rockies—has long welcomed buyers and sellers to check out the country’s best bulls, geldings, and stock dogs. In 2018, they added online bidding to extend their reach and, as such, buyers both local and across the miles spent nearly $1.2 million for the 305 bulls on display.

But beyond all the serious decisions and animal pageantry, this show also offers ranchers a chance to see the latest and greatest tools of the trade, designed exclusively to make the ranching lifestyle more workable, efficient, and enjoyable. And this is where we at Rohrer Manufacturing, home of the  Man Saver Post Driver™, like to focus our efforts—more toward the the top of the food chain—by helping the humans who help the animals. They rely on you…so you can rely on us!

Keeping Them Safe, One Post at a Time

Dedicated ranchers know the imperative of secure fencing to protect their investment and keep their livestock secure. But, unfortunately, they also know the often back-breaking effort that goes into building and maintaining the same.

The Man Saver Post Driver was designed and developed in 1997 for a fence builder who was complaining about his back and wishing for a "wonder tool." In less than a month, the first Man Saver Post Driver was manufactured and sold, and since then the Rohrer family has developed a series of post drivers along with various  adapters that allow users to drive almost any shaped fence post on the market up to 3.5" diameter. If this sounds like welcome help, keep reading for more details.

Anytime you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know he had some help. –Anonymous

Saving Backs with a Helping Hand

So: How do you simplify the exhausting job of hand-driving fence posts? With a revolutionary, patented, pneumatic air-powered Man Saver Post Driver—an affordable alternative to bulky, expensive hydraulic (or back-breaking manual) fence post drivers. Place t-posts accurately and quickly, save time, and prevent injuries—all in one fell swoop. One owner from western Illinois  wrote us to say he was amazed he could drive 25 t-posts per hour—by himself. But whether alone or with a work crew, you’ll appreciate the lightweight, portable design that’s ideal for driving posts on ranches, vineyards, or highways.

We’ve manufactured the Man Saver Post Driver since 1997, and are proud it’s the most durable yet affordable option on the market. We’ve found ways to keep our manufacturing processes and costs lean while making every part but one in our Prineville, Oregon, shop. And, no bull (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves…): Our prices have been raised only once since 1998.

Check out our complete line of fence installation building supplies and  accessories, and view the Man Saver Post Driver in action: You’ll see why ranchers across the country are singing our praises…with far less back pain. We hope to see you at the show!