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Hard work is good. Easy work ain’t bad either.

Posted by Rohrer Manufacturing on 12th Sep 2017

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If you’re considering purchase of an air-powered fence post driver for your farm or ranch, you may be curious to see how it works.

Rohrer Manufacturing's fence post driver is a time- and back-saving tool ideal for ranches and farms, where building and mending lengths of fence for horses, livestock, or crops is a regular occurrence.

The benefits of a pneumatic post driver can’t be understated. Combined with a portable air compressor, fence lines that once required days to build are completed in just a few hours. Yes, hours!

At less than 30 pounds, Rohrer’s Man Saver 98E Basic T-Post Driver, for example, is a lightweight alternative to heavier, more expensive hydraulic post drivers. And because it’s light, an air-powered fence post driver comes in handy when accessing hard-to-reach spots or remote areas of your property. 

Save time, money, and ibuprofen.
So, how does it work?

First, give the rest of the crew the day off (or at least set them on another task).

Rohrer’s post drivers require only one person to operate.

Second, grab any small air compressor that delivers at least 2.5 CFM at 90 PSI, and set it to 70-75 psi.

Then, simply place the driver onto a post and watch it work quickly and accurately without bending, and without any strain to your shoulders or back.

Affordable and compact, our 98-E basic T-Post Driver effortlessly pound round posts from ⅞ to 1-¼ inches or with chance of an adapter square or rectangular posts up to 1-¼ inches.

Watch how easy it can be to work smarter, not harder, with an air-powered fence post driver. Or, see who can pound posts faster in our husband-and-wife Post Driver Duel .

No-fuss solution
Ongoing maintenance of Rohrer’s Man Saver Fence Post Driver is easy -- requiring only to be kept dry, clean, and well-oiled for years and years of hassle-free use.

Find out how to save time and avoid injury with the easiest and most functional fence post driver you’ll ever own.

Man Saver by Rohrer Manufacturing
When it comes to buying a post driver, Rohrer Manufacturing has you covered. If you want to purchase an air-powered fence post driver, we have a variety of models to choose from. When you purchase a Man Saver from Rohrer Manufacturing, you can feel confident knowing that you are getting a revolutionary patented, American made, pneumatic air powered fence post driver at an affordable price. When you want the best post driver, treat yourself to the best in the business

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