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Ranchers & Tools: Versatile & Adaptable

Posted by Man Saver Post Driver on 20th Aug 2018

While there is no guide for adapting to politics, climate changes, or supply and demand, fortunately, there are tools that adapt to make life easier. Who wouldn't want to invest in tools that help with everyday tasks and improve efficiency?

Merriam-Webster has two definitions of the word "adapter:"

  1. one that adapts
  2. a device for connecting two parts (as of different diameters) of an apparatus.

Both definitions fit the ranching lifestyle. The first is the very definition of what it means to be a rancher in 2018. Ranchers have to adapt on a daily basis to challenging circumstances related to politics, climate changes, fluctuating prices – the list goes on and on. Ranchers know better than anyone that to succeed, they must learn to adapt.

What makes a tool more useful than another?

  1. Versatility: an automatic T-Post driver is more versatile than a T-Post metal pounder. While both accomplish building fence, the automatic driver can do so more quickly and efficiently. The metal pounder is heavy and results in back-breaking work.
  2. Adaptability: the ability to have a tool that adapts to complete various jobs makes it more useful than tools that don't adapt. A manual T-Post metal pounder can be considered a functional tool. It can cater to different levels of experience, but there is no way to adapt it to make it more useful. If you purchase a Man Saver Post Driver with a round adapter, but have another shape you want to drive, you can order a new adapter. Tools that adapt to your needs save you money in the long run.
  3. Portability: a good tool is portable. Traditional hydraulic post drivers are bulky and heavy, making them difficult for use in tight spots. By contrast, an air-powered model is lightweight and highly portable, ideal for easy transport and use in remote or hard-to-reach places. With portable tools, ranchers can adapt to any situation, depending on their needs.

Almost any tool can be considered useful based on how it is used. The most useful tools, however, are versatile, adaptable, and portable.

The Man Saver Post Driver is a tool that fits into the "must have tool" category. When you use your Man Saver Post Driver adapters, you know you are using the most affordable and versatile air-powered fence post driver on the market.

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