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Ready to Rodeo? Rohrer is with You

21st Jan 2016

Rodeo and Rohrer home of the Man Saver Post Driver


The smell of a dirt-tilled arena, the sound of fireworks and the American flag waving in a dusky summer sky means one thing: it’s rodeo season!

Here at Rohrer manufacturing, we celebrate ranch life and all the cowboys and cowgirls across the nation whose livelihoods are made in the saddle. Rodeo is a central lifestyle event for the ranching community, a way to connect with others who share the same toil over the land.

Rodeo has exploded across the United States into a multimillion dollar industry with more than 700 professional rodeos in 50 states. But behind all the shiny belt buckles, cash prizes and denim are real life skills that ropers and riders have used for centuries to work the American frontier.

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Rodeo is also an easy venue for ranchers and farmers to talk shop about which methods and equipment work for their farms. We understand your need for farm-tested equipment. You don’t have time to mess around with cheap tools that break on the job. Word of mouth is how we travel in this industry, and it’s only fair that we introduce you to one of the Man Saver Post Driver’s many satisfied customers, Randy from Missouri:

I bought one of these from you a week ago. Finally got to try it out over the weekend in hard and rocky dirt. We're in the Missouri Ozarks and we know hard dirt and rocks. I'm real impressed with it. It performs as advertised and as shown in the videos. Outstanding!

Only thing I’ve found a problem is the handle used to tighten down on the t-posts does work loose in hard ground and it’s pounding hard …Wasn’t a huge problem but it was real hot and I was getting irritable.

I’m starting to think you should put me on commission as you will probably be getting orders from other farmers and ranchers in the area. I’m putting in lots of posts along three busy roads. I had three people stop, watch, and ask questions yesterday. I did your little demo of getting the post in a little ways and then let go of the handle and watched it pound itself the rest of the way.

At Rohrer Manufacturing, we don’t bother making another tool to add to your storage shed. We think our product is the best for fence installation because our customers say so. Read more customer testimonials and learn how you can order the Man Saver for nearly any outdoor project, including but not limited to:

  • Vineyard fence installation
  • Sign and highway fence posts
  • Marker installation
  • Ranch and farm fence
  • Rangeland fence