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How to Build The Perfect Fence

Posted by Rohrer Manufacturing on 13th Jun 2017

How to build the perfect fence using Man Saver Post Driver

Our 4-step Checklist Will Ensure Your Fence is Strong & Tight!

Summer’s here and, if you’re like many landowners, replacing a worn-out fence is likely on your to-do list. Before you hit the hardware store to stock up on materials, take a moment to read our pre-build checklist.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for fence-building. Indeed, the perfect fence for your neighbor may not be the perfect fence for you. That said, before pounding the first post into the ground, there are steps everyone should take to ensure they select the right fence for the job.

And since building a new fence is a long-term investment, you want to avoid shortcuts that may end up costing you more down the road. When we say fencing is a long-term investment, we mean it. A good fence with regular maintenance can last up to 50 years.

Read our four-step pre-build checklist to ensure you get the most fence for your time and money. 

1. Flora or fauna or something else?

The first step toward fence-building is to determine the reason for installation. A fence can function in many ways, and choosing the best material for you will depend on its purpose. A fence to contain a herd of cattle is a different beast than one built for privacy, vegetation or crops. The types of fences commonly used on farms include board, barbed wire, woven wire, cable, mesh, high-tensile, electric or a combination of any of these.

2. Map the site

Proper planning before you begin your new fence project can save a lot of time. Based on the size and contour of your property, this step may be simple or a bit more complicated. Either way, it’s a smart way to start. Create a sketch map of your property that indicates where you plan to install or replace fencing. You can do this with an aerial photograph, which reveals details of the current layout and terrain, and where trouble spots might pop up.

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3. Consider climate

Weather is an important consideration when choosing fencing materials. If you live in a cold climate, posts should be secured at least 36 inches deep to avoid cracking in a cold snap. For warm and wet regions, select non-wood materials that aren’t susceptible to water damage.

4. Invest now to save later

Posts are the most important part of any fence. After all, a fence is only as strong as the posts that anchor it. They’re also the most expensive component which is why it makes financial sense to take time and care when selecting and installing them.

Using a pneumatic post driver, like the Man Saver, to mechanically drive posts, offers five times the holding strength of hand-set posts.

Most fence failures result from posts that are not set deeply enough into the ground or not properly braced for the style of fence being erected. We recommend that the depth the post is driven into the soil should be equal to, or greater than, the height of the top wire.

The American Society of Agricultural Engineers suggests a double brace end assembly. Rated at 9,000-lbs pullover resistance, it is more suitable for longer runs and larger livestock. Single brace assemblies can be used for fences of six wires or less. You can increase the holding ability of a brace assembly by increasing the length of the top horizontal post.

Barbed wire fence and field

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