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Man Saver Post Driver FAQ

The Man Saver Post Driver is an excellent, affordable alternative to bulky hydraulic or back breaking manual fence post drivers. This lightweight, portable fence post driver is ideal for ranches, vineyards, sign and highway fence posts, and marker installations.

How do you ship your product?

Products are shipped through UPS.

 How can I contact Rohrer Manufacturing? or 1-800-980-7599 or visit Contact Page.

 Do you have a return policy?

Yes. We have a $50 restocking fee for all returned items. Items must include original packaging and have no obvious signs of over use. You pay postage on returns.

 Where can I use my Driver?

Our Driver is designed to be used any place you can use a manual driver.

 What can I drive?

Adapters are needed to drive anything other than what the driver came made to do. Special adapters for different circumferences can be made.

 How does it operate?

Drivers are air driven both up and down. The two most important tips are to keep the driver well lubed and maintain the proper PSI recommended for the tool size.