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Rohrer Stands with the Ranchers of South Dakota

21st Jan 2016

Rohrer and Man Saver Post Driver stand with ranchers of South Dakota


Here at Rohrer Manufacturing, we are advocates of the ranchers and farmers who till the ground and tend the herds across America. We know that ranching is more than a lifestyle or a means to a paycheck; it’s the glue that holds the fabric of our nation together. Ranching is a commitment made from one generation to the next to care for the land and the communities it prospers.

It goes without saying that all ranchers are caretakers. They harbor a strong sense of responsibility for all creatures that are dependent on their daily provision of food and shelter. A rancher is, in the best sense of the word, a sustainer of living things.

When an early season snow storm in South Dakota caught livestock ranchers unprepared in early October, the loss of life was catastrophic. Reports from news organizations number cattle losses in the tens of thousands, not to mention financial setbacks that could send farmers reeling for years to come. Some cattle producers lost 50 percent or more of their herds.

Read a first-hand account of what ranchers are facing in South Dakota here.

If there’s one thing we know about ranchers, it’s that they are tough as nails. They’re not the kind to seek a handout from others. What concerned neighbors and fellow ranchers are offering them instead is a hand-up.

One rancher affected by the blizzard spoke of how eager his neighbors were to help:

“Our community is pulling together. We live in one of the greatest places in the nation. Neighbors pull together," Carley said. "I wasn't left alone after the storm for probably four days. That was great. I needed the help.”

As supporters and advocates of the ranching community nationwide, we stand strong with the livestock producers of South Dakota through this season of hardship. Through the irony of loss comes the bond of community that helps people pull through the rough patches. That’s what makes the ranching community the best in the world.

There are non-profit groups already in place to secure donations to financially assist ranchers impacted by the October 4th-7th blizzard, including one by the Black HIlls Area Community Foundation. Click here to give directly to the South Dakota Rancher Relief fund.