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The Hard Truth About Back Problems in the Agriculture Industry

21st Jan 2016

Alleviate back pain from installing fence posts with Man Saver Post Driver

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There’s no question that ranching and farming are hard work. Getting up at the crack of dawn, sweating in the hot sun, not stopping until the work is done, are just a few of the challenging yet rewarding reasons why we’re proud of what we do. However, there is an Achilles heel (er… back) to the job: back pain.

An article in “ Iowa Farmer Today” describes a study by Nate Fethke, an ergonomist at the University of Iowa, who wanted to know just how many agricultural producers are affected by low back pain. In his survey of over 500 farmers, he found that half of the farmers responding to the questionnaire had experienced a recent episode of low back pain severe enough to affect their ability to work. Moreover, roughly half of the farmers reporting low back pain sought medical care for it.

The National Safety Council's 1991 Accident Facts reported that back injuries are the most frequent of all disabling work injuries in the United States. About 31% of all workers' compensation cases are related to back injuries. Farmers are especially vulnerable because their work frequently incorporates activities that are thought to be risk factors for developing low back pain.

Some of the most common risk factors includes repeatedly lifting heavy objects, working in awkward positions, continuous time spent in one position (i.e., sitting on a tractor), and vibration from machinery equipment. Building fences definitely falls under a few of those categories. It’s a job that has to be done despite the health risks involved--but why settle?

The Man Saver Post Driver was first developed by Dan Rohrer in response to a fence builder who was complaining about his back and wishing for a "wonder tool." In less than a month, the first Man Saver Post Driver was manufactured and sold, and we’ve been going strong since 1997. That’s because not only does it help your back, but it saves you time and potential health care costs down the line. Now that’s smart.

Want to learn more about how the Man Saver Post Driver can help you? Give us a call at 1-800-980-7599.