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The Man Behind the Man Saver Post Driver

21st Jan 2016

Inventor of Man Saver Post Driver


It all started with a fence-builder's sore back and 78-year-old genius machinist and military veteran Dan Rohrer, of Rohrer Manufacturing. The design was simple: a lightweight, pneumatic post driver to take the back-breaking labor out of fencing. It was the wonder tool Dan had hoped for. In less than a month, the first Man Saver Post Driver

tm was manufactured and on the market.


An early model of the 98E T-post Driver reveals compact yet powerful engineering. The tool’s solid construction is popularly used by farmers, ranchers, vineyard owners and public works departments for remote fence installation. Since 1998, Dan Rohrer's innovative product has sold nearly 16,000 units.

Starting a business from scratch is never easy, something that Dan knows well. Yet with the same mulish resolve that characterizes the Prineville region of cattle ranchers and crop-growers, Dan determined to keep costs low while uncompromising the quality of his product. The Man Saver Post Driver™ is manufactured onsite in Prineville, Oregon where Dan employs locals and offers a distinctly American-made product, the price of which hasn't budged in 15 years.

Dan says, "My three keys to success have always been to offer competitive pricing, having never increased prices of the drivers; employee fulfillment; and listening to customers for enhancements and attachment additions." And when customers call for product advice or troubleshooting, there’s always a real voice at the other end, eager to help.


Today’s refined versions of the post driver are designed for portability and use in remote fence installation. Dan’s “wonder tool” has made it into the hands of many satisfied farmers. Happy customers like Arlin Robb can attest to the integrity and necessity of this tool:

I only had 6 days to clear all the old brush, trees and get the entire fence up in 6 days. It would have been impossible without this tool; it was a complete life saver. After talking to my father when we had originally thought about doing it all manually, there would have been no way to complete the job with the time frame I had to help him, not to mention saving our backs, shoulders and arms.

You might be wondering how this tool works. The Man Saver Post Driver YouTube Channel hosts several live videos of Dan's product and reveals how it ranks against its stiffest competitor: the Striker.

Dan Rohrer met a need in his ranching community for a lightweight, pneumatic post driver that takes the stress off a farmer's back. As with most good inventions, what started as wishful thinking in the mind of an overworked rancher became the best adapted product of its kind on the market.