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Thinking Outside the Fence: Broaden Your Boundaries with Man Saver Post Drivers

Posted by Man Saver Post Driver on 7th Mar 2019

If you thought the Man Saver Post Driver™ was only good for fencing, think again. The truth is, if you need to dig in, we’ve got a tool for that! As the only multi-directional, ultra-lightweight, air-powered post driver, The Man Saver makes short work of your tall projects, from decorating to environmental and travel to agriculture. Read on for more ideas to think outside the fence.

Light ‘Em Up!

Man Saver Post Driver Lights

Some folks get a little excited about the holidays…and for them we are grateful. For those who want to spread the joy of the season, Man Saver Post Drivers flip the switch from back-breaking labor to truly light work.

When Tim Kurtz, executive director of the Ottumwa (Iowa) Area Chamber of Commerce wanted to expand on their annual Holiday Nights and Lights event—with 75 illuminated displays over a one-mile drive—they turned to Man Saver. “We purchased your driver as our displays are held up with t-posts. In prior years, we did all these displays (with some utilizing eight to ten posts) manually. We used the Man Saver this year, and it did what its name implies: It saved our butts.

"We couldn’t have been happier. It’s been a great tool and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who needs a t-post driver." - Tim Kurtz

Digging Deep

Coral Reef Man Saver Post DriverWhat do arid western ranches and Jamaican coral reefs have in common? Perhaps not much…except an overlapping tool-of-the-trade: The Man Saver Post Driver.

Fishing has been a way of life for centuries, but without environmental regulation Jamaica may have the most overfished waters in the Caribbean; with such damage done to the coral reef, an ecological crisis followed. But in late 2011, a company called EcoReefs® did a large- scale installation of state-of-the-art, ceramic artificial reef modules in the previously decimated Bluefields Bay area. The goals? Slow water velocity, attract fish to minimize algae growth, and allow new corals to attach—and they used a customized underwater Man Saver Post Driver to hammer the reef modules into place. This deep-water work has been transformational as fish populations are markedly growing and signs of new life are appearing. See the exciting activity observed five months post-installation below.

Floating a New Project

Man Saver Post Driver for Floating Docks

What’s more challenging than driving a fence post into earth and rock? Doing it underwater, of course. But the Man Saver Post Driver isn’t afraid of getting wet; in fact, it’s becoming the must-have tool for those installing floating docks. Far superior to old-school manual methods, The Man Saver gets the job done in less time, with less effort and manpower, but with the same great results. In fact, here’s what Michael Bailey of Berkeley, CA, wrote to us when he was getting started on his latest projects.

"It is a relief to do business with a company that is responsive to problems when they arise. Let me interject I find your post driver invaluable. So far I’ve been using it for the obvious—putting in fence posts through clay soil that resembles concrete—but I’ve also been able to use it to drive support posts for a floating dock and am now driving pipe for a shallow well. Great product!" - Michael Bailey

The Wrath of Grapes

Man Saver Post Driver Vineyard

Anyone tending a vineyard knows that growing grapes can be a work- and time-intensive process…but the Man Saver Post Driver offers an adapter that makes vineyard trellis and fencing work go that much quicker. Designed to be compact, these custom adapters are available for various configurations of line stakes. As the wine industry continues to grow (with over 900 vineyards in the company’s home state of Oregon), both commercial and hobby vintners are drinking a toast to the Man Saver.

"We used the Man Saver to install trellis in three blocks of our vineyard," says Kerry Damon, Monkey Face Vineyard at Ranch at the Canyons of Terrebonne, Oregon. "It saved us hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and worked very well."

Highways and Byways

Man Saver Post Driver Highway Maintenance

Need to take your act on the road? The Man Saver Post Driver is perfect for maintaining markers and posts along your roads and highways. With a post driver and air compressor on your truck, you’ll have your maintenance done in hours instead of days, with nary an ibuprofen tablet required.

In fact, our patented Man Saver Post Driver is a great alternative to larger, heavier equipment. Install your metal signage quickly, safely, and cost-effectively with our affordable alternative to more expensive hydraulic drivers.

For more details and ideas, drive on over to to accelerate your work—by land, sea, or asphalt!