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Three Winter Prep Must-Dos

Posted by Rohrer Manufacturing on 19th Oct 2017

Fall is the time to ready your ranch for what’s ahead
With fall here and winter approaching, it’s that time of year when many ranchers begin gathering their cattle from summer grazing. And that means prepping the area for their winter feeding.

Year to year, fencing and containment needs change, and a thorough assessment of your operations is recommended before cold weather hits.

Here are 3 winter preparations every rancher should include on his or her
to-do list:

1. Assess your fencing
Good fences keep animals safe and where you want them to be.

And, maintaining a secure area is essential to

managing healthy, stress-free livestock in winter. By creating a space appropriate for your herd size, whether it’s a dry lot or an area closer to your headquarters, your cattle will be less stressed and will yield better production.

The first step should be to walk or ride your fence lines to examine posts and other fencing materials for any damages or potential weaknesses.

2. Make any necessary repairs now
Once you’ve assessed your winter fencing needs, take steps to make repairs, upgrades, or additions now so you can avoid a middle-of-the-night call about wandering animals.

Plus, making any adjustments to your fence needs in the fall is a much more pleasant task than trying to make repairs during the snowy, windy, single-digit days ahead.

If there is an issue, how can you ensure your fencing needs are taken care of quickly, while keeping costs down?

Fences supported by t-posts tend to be more reliable in winter. It used to be that driving t-posts was back-breaking, time-consuming work. But not anymore.

Using an air-powered fence post driver, you can quickly and affordably build a solid, reliable fence or repair an existing one, while preventing strain to your back and shoulders.

3. Take steps to winterize
Along with secure and appropriately-sized fencing, winterizing your herd might include the addition of windbreaks or shelters since reducing wind chill can dramatically reduce a cow’s energy requirements.

Also, be sure to double-check that tank heaters and electric waterers are in tip-top shape. Late fall is also a good time to administer routine health care procedures such as pre-conditioning, vaccinating and deworming.

Taking proactive steps now to prepare your cattle and facilities for winter is critical to ensuring healthy livestock emerge come springtime.

See how quickly and easily you can build or repair a fence in time for winter livestock management. Watch how it works.

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